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How to deal with micro DC fan noise problems

Miniature DC fans, unfamiliar and familiar for everyone, something strange, because it is the name, familiar with because we often come into contact with, often when we open the old equipment or in the maintenance of household appliances, we will see it Of the figure, then the following by the industrial cooling fan manufacturers for everyone to explain the reasons for micro-DC fan noise and how to deal with it
Prior to this, industrial cooling fan manufacturers that we first understand the micro-DC fan noise and what factors,
1, speed. DC fan speed faster, the greater the fan, of course, the greater the noise will be
2, bearing. DC fan bearings are simply divided into two kinds, one is oil, one is the ball, under normal circumstances, the ball bearing fan than the oil bearing fan noise to be large.
3, air flow. Industrial cooling fan manufacturers tell you fan blades during the rotation, will be the resistance in the air, the faster rotation, the larger the fan area, the greater the resistance, so the noise will be larger.
4, friction. Fan use time is too long, the fan will appear in the box, vibration, center of gravity instability and some other circumstances, industrial cooling fan manufacturers tell you that this will cause fan blades and fan shell collision or friction, resulting in noise. Of course, excellent quality of the cooling fan products generally will not, for example, "Yi-chuan".
The noise unit of the miniature DC fan is decibel {db}, measured by placing it in an anechoic chamber with a noise less than 17dB, one meter from the fan and aligned with the fan inlet in the direction of the fan shaft A weighted way to measure. Industrial cooling fan manufacturers tell you micro-fan noise spectrum characteristics are also important, so also need to use the spectrum recorder to record the micro-fan noise frequency distribution, the general requirements of the micro-fan noise to be as small as possible, and can not exist abnormal sound.
Micro DC fan noise processing method. 1. According to their actual situation to choose the appropriate fan specifications and parameters, do not blindly pursue speed. 2. Regularly clean the fans for dust and refueling to reduce the friction between the fans. 3. Choose the excellent quality of products, industrial cooling fan manufacturers tell you the best brand, because the brand is quality and after-sales protection, do not seek cheap The 4. There is a lot of way to put the sponge, rubber, or cotton cloth between the fan and the fixed end to reduce the noise caused by the vibration of the fan's high-speed rotation.
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