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Teach you how to determine the car cooling fan good or bad way

Micro-cooling fan manufacturers know that as people's living standards continue to improve, more and more people began to focus on the maintenance and maintenance of the car, and keep the car a good running state. Fan as an important part of the car, especially in this hot summer, the heat plays a very important role, if the car is not good heat, it is easy to cause the parts failure, such a situation. Serious or even life-threatening, so the maintenance of the fan is very important. Micro-cooling fan manufacturers tell you that we usually use the car before, be sure to regularly check the car fan, then how to judge the fan is good or bad? The following micro-cooling fan manufacturers tell you how to determine the cooling fan of some good or bad Method!
The car water tank cooling fan is an important component located beneath the hood, and it also helps the entire cabin air flow. Micro-cooling fan manufacturers tell you that the blower motor is also responsible for spreading the hot air from the engine output. When the blower motor does not work, your car may have a higher temperature, especially in traffic congestion or in hot weather. You need to make sure that your tank cooling fan is working under good conditions to ensure safety.
First, check the fuse. Open your car's engine bay and fuse box. Remove the fan fuse and replace it with a similar rated fuse. Open the engine to see if the fan is running. Micro-cooling fan manufacturers that if the new fuse, the problem may be a short circuit. Another possible cause of the problem is that the fan motor brush is too dirty.
Second, eliminate the motor mount. If the fuse is working properly, then the motor is visually inspected. Check if there are any loose wires. If the wires are good, find the motor jumper and hook. One wire is connected to the ground and the other is connected to the power supply. If the motor does not work, then it needs to be replaced.
Third, listen to the sound of the sound motor. Essentially, a normal blower motor produces a sound. When the normal operation is free, listen to the sound of the car's blower motor operation. Since most cars have sound insulation, open your window and listen carefully to the sound coming from the engine. If you do not hear the fan running, then the fan may be damaged. It may also mean that the fuse blows, bad resistors, or line damage.
Micro-cooling fan manufacturers tell you also need to feel the air out of the vent. If the fuse and motor are in proper operation, open the pressure regulator. Feel the vents and check for air out. Turn on the air conditioner and check for air. If the motor is running, but no air is flowing out, it may be that the motor is blocked.
Fourth, check the air flow. You can use a diagnostic tool to check air flow. This is usually available in the rental car shop. Ultimately, you still need to refer to the maintenance manual to check the code error.
The above is the car cooling fan good or bad method, a problematic fan will cause your heating and air conditioning system can not run properly. This will bring a lot of discomfort to you and your family, especially in extreme weather. So micro-cooling fan manufacturers to tell you should be checked regularly and timely maintenance work.
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