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Mould design, development of DC, AC brushless cooling fan, assembly of electronic finished-product
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  Dongguan Zhiling Electric Technology Co., Ltd. is an enterprise that integrates Mould design, development of DC, AC brushless cooling fan with assembly of electronic finished-product. The Company owns its own plastic mould workshop, plastic injection-moulding workshop and electronic finished-product assembly workshop! The Company is a cooling fan factory with the greatest strength in Dongguan! Its “aidecool” cooling brand is weld sold in the world!
  The Company is located at Daojiao Town, Dongguan City. The workshop covers an area about 7000m2. There are about 300 employees. The operation system of the Company complies with ISO9001 (2000). All of products of the Company have passed such certifications as CE, ROHS and so on of the international safety certification center, and have reached EU ROHS environmental protection requirements. 1800000 fans and 100000-200000 CPU radiators can be produced every month. The products are well sold in the world. The Company has the most complete fan varieties in the industry. The Company mainly produces DC fans (2CM-22CM), different radiators, plastic parts, USB network cable and so on. In addition, the Company can customize different non-standard cooling fans, and the products have such special functions as temperature control, constant temperature, manual adjustment, automatic protection and so on. The Company can customize mock-up and mould based on the client’s demand and within the shortest time, and can research and develop the product with excellent performance. In addition, the Company also owns air quantity and air pressure tester, anechoic chamber, balancing machine, motor multi-functional tester, can conduct accurate and reliable measurement for finished products and new product development.
  Products of the Company are applicable to personal computers and the relevant equipments. Wherein, the relevant equipments include dampproof and silencing fans for home appliances, humidifier and aroma diffuser. The relevant equipments also include audio and stage light series, telecommunication equipments, power equipments and equipments that require cooling, dehumidification and deodorization.
  Corporate operation concepts: Quality first, client supreme
  Corporate quality policies: Improve self-quality, continuous self-improvement, create excellent quality, meet clients’ requirements.
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