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CPU temperature is too high and the relationship between the CPU fan

Industrial cooling fan manufacturers tell you that the CPU can be said to be the mastermind of the computer, it is like the human brain as the command of the computer parts at the same time work, so in the summer comes, people will be on the computer CPU more Concern, because the computer CPU temperature is too high can burn the motherboard, making the computer blue screen, crash, Caton and other phenomena is not uncommon. So in each computer design will exist in a CPU fan to the CPU supplemented by heat. Then the next by the Xingfeng Shun industrial cooling fan manufacturers talk about the reasons for the high CPU temperature and the relationship between the CPU fan.
Industrial cooling fan manufacturers tell you that the CPU temperature is too high are generally not in place. There are several main reasons for the heat dissipation problem.
First, the installation problem, the installation is not standardized, too much silicone or too little, cpu and cpu fan is not close. Industrial cooling fan manufacturers know that the thermal contact surface is also common, unloaded to check it, that is able to see cpu also observed cpu and cooling rack contact situation. For the better silver-containing thermal grease.
Second, the CPU fan itself quality problems, fan damage, fan aging, stop to turn. Will cause insufficient heat dissipation and cause the CPU temperature to be too high.
Third, the CPU fan on the backlog of dust, fan bearings lack of oil, making the CPU fan rotation difficult, lower speed, which caused the heat is not in place.
Fourth, the industrial cooling fan manufacturers to tell you the computer virus Trojans, Sasser virus and some spyware and so on can also cause the boot CPU use abnormal problems.
Cooling method:
First, clean the dust inside the case (the correct way is to use a bicycle to blow dust).
Second, in the CPU and heat sink must be added between the thermal grease. And to smooth evenly.
Third, the industrial cooling fan manufacturers tell you in the cooling fan bearings drop a drop of sewing machine oil, which can effectively reduce the noise! ​​Do not drop more, a drop on the line.
Fourth, install high-power CPU fan, replace the better CPU fan.
Fifth, install the chassis cooling fan (be sure to buy double ball bearings).
Sixth, move the host to a good vents
Industrial cooling fan manufacturers to tell you that the above is the reason for the high CPU temperature and cooling methods, we hope to help, of course, a computer configuration to a good CPU cooling fan is also essential.
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