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Choose a small DC fan method

Micro-cooling fan manufacturers know that the current market there are many brands of cooling fans, choose a good DC cooling fan on their own equipment is also quite important. Micro-cooling fan manufacturers that the current cooling technology, the fan's auxiliary cooling function with the instrument to improve the precision is more and more important. So choose a good cooling fan is very important for the instrument in terms of. So how can the vast market in the choice of a good cooling fan? Let micro-cooling fan manufacturers Xiaobian to tell you!
1. From the brand choice, micro-cooling fan manufacturers tell you to choose a good brand of fans means to choose the quality, so that the quality of the DC fan is an important guarantee.
2. From the appearance of choice, from the outside surface should be relatively thick overall, the color is relatively pure (especially black, with the color of the fan is not important), in the edge of the box leaves are no flash, see the thickness of the fan ( Very important because it is too thin and easy to break), hand pinch when the frame is not much deformation.
3. Bearing up to choose, micro-cooling fan manufacturers tell you because the bearings are divided into ball bearings and oil bearing two kinds of ball bearings long life, low noise, but the price is very demanding. Oil bearing life than the ball bearing to be shorter by 1/3, after a period of time may occur some noise (more than a year), but the price is cheap. After the above understanding we can choose, but the micro-cooling fan manufacturers tell you if the price of some of the ball fans and oil fans, the price is almost the same, indicating that the ball bearings for the old or out of goods do not buy. The service life of the bearings in the new product (except that it clearly indicates that the oil bearing) does not exceed the ball bearing, but also noise in later use.
4. Fan normal operation later selected, so that the fan after the normal operation
A. Hand to grasp the fan feel the vibration, and change the angle of the different hand feel is the same, that the fan's vibration is very good, if the vibration may be in the chassis on the earthquake, some people before the boot sound Very loud is the main fan when the vibration caused by the start.
B. Should only hear the wind (some high speed may have electromagnetic sound), if other sounds that its quality is not very good. If the DC fan speed is not very high as seven centimeters of the fan speed does not exceed 3500RPM, but the wind a lot of description of its fan quality is too bad.
C. Hand to prevent the fan rotation (not to cut off the fan) a minute or so, micro-cooling fan manufacturers tell you to touch the center of the fan feel the temperature, if the high temperature is not qualified so that can prevent the fan in the card Death was burned and caused a fire.
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