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Fan cooling principle

Industrial cooling fan manufacturers know that with the development of science and technology, electronic products, the function is more and more strong. We use the computer in the process, will inevitably encounter the heat generated by the original electronic heat, resulting in shorten the use of electronic products, reduce the service life. So the industrial cooling fan manufacturers to tell you the current electronic components of the cooling function becomes more and more important.
And the fan is the best way to solve the heat, the fan is the use of forced thermal convection way to heat, industrial cooling fan manufacturers tell you by virtue of industrial cooling fan diversion, and then use the heat between the heat and heat exchange, Take away the heat, in order to achieve "forced convection" of the cooling method.
Industrial cooling fan manufacturers tell you that industrial fans are also divided into many categories, summed up can be divided into three points:
1. According to the wind and air flow is divided into: axial fan, centrifugal fan.
2. According to the working current is divided into: DC fan, AC fan.
3. According to the use of the fan is divided into: power fan, chassis fan, audio fan, car fan, refrigerator fan, notebook CPU fan and desktop computer fan.
Industrial cooling fan manufacturers tell you the composition of the general fan: 1. Rotor part: including fan leaves, axis, magnetic ring and magnetic frame. 2. Stator part: including motor, frame, bearing and connector. Control part of the Hall ic, circuit boards and a series of original components. However, the bearing is as a fan of the life of the bottleneck of the existence of factors, through the fan when the work of noise, resulting in the cost of a total impact. Industrial cooling fan manufacturers to tell you the fan bearing system is generally divided into a few (according to the price of the first listed one by one): oil bearing, ball bearings, ceramic bearings, hydraulic blessing bearings and dynamic pressure bearings.
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