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How does the DC cooling fan work?

Industrial cooling fan manufacturers believe that we all know, DC cooling fan is an important modern industrial machinery cooling equipment, which consists of stator, rotor and commutator three parts, the basic structure generally by the motor, bearings, blades, shell (Including fixed hole), power plug and wire several parts. And because of work or environmental reasons, many devices have to high temperature, heavy dust, air and other harsh environments to run, many industries need to apply to the DC cooling fan, but you know how the DC cooling fan is working? Know the words, just follow the industrial cooling fan manufacturers Xiaobian together look at it.
DC cooling fan in the end what fan, industrial cooling fan manufacturers to tell you, DC cooling fan is through the DC voltage and electromagnetic induction, from electrical energy into machinery to promote fan rotation, collectively referred to as DC cooling fan. It depends on the coil and IC constantly switch, induction magnetic ring from the drive fan rotation.
There are two or more coils in the rotor, made of enameled wire, called winding. When the current in the winding through the magnetic field, industrial cooling fan manufacturers tell you the magnetic field and the stator's magnetic field to produce force. As the stator is fixed, so the rotor under the force of rotation
The commutator of the DC cooling fan is a special device of the DC motor, consisting of many commutator segments, each of which is an insulating sheet in the middle of each of the adjacent commutator segments. In the commutator surface with a spring pressed with a fixed brush, so that the rotation of the armature winding can be connected with the external circuit. Industrial cooling fan manufacturers tell you that when the rotor turns a certain angle, the commutator supplies the supply voltage to another pair of windings and continues to generate a magnetic field in the winding. It can be seen that the electromagnetic torque in the armature coil is kept constant due to the presence of the commutator, and the armature is rotated by this electromagnetic torque.
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