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Industrial cooling fan which is composed of several parts

1, motor
Germany imported motor, with low noise, low power consumption, durability and so on.
2, fan leaves
Micro-waterproof industry cooling fan manufacturers Xiaobian tell you according to the aerodynamic design of the streamlined fan, the ground socket can effectively promote a lot of air flow.
3, control box
Using frequency control system, built-in overload protection, safe and practical.
4, stent
Laser cutting to ensure accuracy, ground socket rust using resin paint, so as to ensure that mechanical parts in the moist and humid environment, long-term use is not easy to rust.
5, the chassis
High-strength aluminum alloy, the dynamic balance test, durable, smooth operation.
6, tail
Rotated under the drive of the motor, the ground socket drives the air flow and forms a vortex at the end of the fan. And the installation of the tail of the fan can eliminate this part of the energy loss, stable fan operation, improve efficiency.
Industrial cooling fans are widely used in large industrial plants, warehousing and logistics center, conference center / airport, sports and fitness venues, gymnasium / theater, large exhibition hall / hall, steel plant, animal husbandry and other fields. Welcome to the needs of customers, come to consult.
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